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Pattern Links

The Official NSRCA LogoWeb Site

Mike Mueller's F3A Website

Grotto 2  -   Ron Ellis

Glen Watson's Pattern Blog

- Mark Hunt's Insight and Other Attractions

LARKS - Sulfur, LA

  North Dallas RC

Terry Brox - Sheeting a Wing

International Sites

Australian Pattern

Pattern West - Canada

Japanese Pattern -  Tomonori HISAO

Ola Fremming's Homepage A very interesting pattern site located in Horten Norway

Retailers and Manufacturers

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B & P Associates - Max Blose - Starters, battery packs, etc.

Boca Bearings - Email Doug Cerito or Call 1/800-332-3256 - Great Bearing Service

Budd Engineering  - Jerry Budd - Laser measurement tool and other products

Central Hobbies   Extensive line of pattern supplies.

Composite ARF - Home of the Impact, 40% YAK, etc.

F3A Unlimited - Mike Mueller  Electric Pattern Site

Foamy Factory - Foam Electric Planes

Futaba Radio Home Page

The modeler's Choice in R/C Aircraft and Accessories

Hand Protectants Invisible Glove


- Mark Hunt's Insight and Other Attractions

New Creation R/C - For all your Electric needs - Kirk Massey

Micro Fasteners - great prices on screws, etc.

Radio South Logo   Tony Stillman - Another large supplier of pattern goodies.  Expert radio repair. 

Tower Hobbies 

Other Useful Links

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AMA Logo)  -  Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

DownOnTheDeck.Com  -  Great Videos

Houston Sport Flyers - Northwest Houston Club

Mid County RC - Nederland, Texas

RAMS - Crowley, LA

R/C Battery Clinic - Red Scholefield

R/C Model Airplanes for Beginners

Rocket City Radio Controllers  Huntsville Alabama

Scale Aircraft Site

Space City RC Club - Katy, Texas

Tri-County Barnstormers - New Waverly, Texas


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