Mounting a Nose Ring
by Don Ramsey

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It seemed to take too long to mount a nose ring so since I'm always trying to find a better method this is what I came up with.  

Mark the Rough Shape of the Nose Ring Mount

   First, using the spinner mark the rough outline of the nose ring mount on the material you use.  I use 1/8" 3 ply aircraft ply.  Cut to fit.  My part may seem a little overkill but it adds some strength to the nose area and provides a lot of glue surface.  The area that accepts the nose ring flange is a little oversize to allow for some adjustment later.  It will be sanded away (see the finished product below) with a dremel tool after it is glued in place .

The Finished Nose Ring Mount


The Measuring Device

   Now, make a measuring device from a stick to use for positioning the nose ring in the fuse.  Determine the notch on the stick by mounting the engine and measuring the distance from the fuse front to the point you want your nose ring.  Add that measurement to the thickness of the nose ring and cut your notch at that point.  To use the device, simply install the nose ring mount and push the measuring stick against the plywood in several places to insure uniform distance from the front of the fuse.  I've found that the easiest way to glue the part in is to position it and glue the center with CA.  Re-check the distance and CA the two ends then epoxy in place.

Using the Measuring Device

Insure the Spinner Fits Properly

   Once the glue has dried, mount the engine and install the nose ring and spinner backplate.  I use a light backplate, so it's easy to mark for the blind nut holes.  If you don't use a light backplate you'll have to position the the engine so the backplate fits properly then tape the engine in place to keep it from moving,  remove the spinner backplate and mark the holes for the blind nuts.  I use a center finder to mark the dead center of the holes on the nose ring. This center finder is great, get one.  Now, drill the holes you just marked and install blind nuts to secure the ring in place.  I use 440 blind nuts and 1/4" hex head screws to secure the nose ring. 

Marking the Blind Nut Holes

   After the blind nuts are installed sand away any excess material with a dremel tool.  The mount adds only 6 grams of weight and the nose ring 5 grams!

The Finished Product

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