2012 Area Event Calendar - District VI

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2012 Contests and Results - District VI:

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April 2012

March 2012 Georgetown, Texas Pattern Clinic for Sportsman and Intermediate




April 21-22 Ramah, LA (Baton Rouge) Contact Brian Clemmons, CD    wincons@aol.com 225-572-0189



May 2012

May 5-6 Katy, Texas Space City     Contact John Blackmon 281-351-9772 john.blackmon@comcast.net
                                   Glen Watson    281-300-1619 ghwatson@comcast.net                Flyer   Map to Field - Motels


May 19-20 New Berlin, Texas Smokin Hole Challenge  Contact  Chuck Hochhalter            Flyer


May 19-20 Albuquerque, NM Roadrunner Spring Contest    Website www.rmfm.org   Click for Contest Flyer  


June 2012

Jun 2-3 Huffman, TX Jetero Pattern Classic  Contact Dick Mundee pattratt1@aol.com  Website www.jetero.com   Results
Jun 9-10 Broken Arrow, OK American Turf Flyers Pattern - Contact Steve Ford steveandlaurel@valornet.com     Website: www.americanturfflyers.com/ Results
Jun 23-24 Golden, CO Colorado Pattern Challenge - Joe Pirozzoli-CD    Website:  http://arvadamodelers.com     Flyer Results
Jun 30-Jul 01 Georgetown, TX Texas Republic Classic     Rene Grebe | renegrebe39@gmail.com | 512-330-4485        http://www.gamarc.org Results

NS - Not Scheduled

July 2012

 July 22-26 Muncie, IN NATS - Pattern


August 2012

Aug 11 Golden, CO Classic Pattern Contest  - Joe Pirozzoli-CD    Website:  http://arvadamodelers.com       Flyer



September 2012

Sep 22-23 Albuquerque, NM Fall Pattern Classic - Click for Flyer


 NS Broken Arrow, OK American Turf Flyers - Website: www.americanturfflyers.com/


Sep 29-30 New Berlin, Texas New Berlin Fall Cup  Contact  Chuck Hochhalter            Flyer   Change date to Nov 3-4 (See Below)  

NS - Not Scheduled

October 2012

 NS Frisco, Tx Dallas Pattern Classic  Contact Dave Cotton   Website www.ndrcc.com  
Oct 20-21 Crowley, La Cajun NATS  - www.ramsrcflyers.com  Results

November 2012

Nov 3-4 New Berlin, Texas New Berlin Fall Cup  Contact  Chuck Hochhalter            Flyer   Flyer says September but dates are Nov 3-4



NS - Not Scheduled

Pattern Clinic for Sportsman and Intermediate - Results

We had a total of 14 participants, 5 flew Sportsman, 6 flew Intermediate and 3 were Non flying attendees.

The morning started with fog that did not clear until about 10AM. We did registration and the Clinic started at about 9:40AM. Chuck Hochhalter did a presentation of different aspects of the pattern activity, where to look for suppliers of pattern items, etc.

Brett Wickizer went over specifics about maneuvers, corrections and how to get good results of your flying. We took a short break to give everybody a chance to digest the info and maybe come up with questions.

We stopped for lunch, expertly cooked by Mike and Fred and started to fly a little past 1PM.

Three rounds of each class were flown, the scores were handled by Leslie Hochhalter and about 5' after finishing flying we had the results.

We handed a recognition trophy to Brett Wickizer and Leslie and Chuck Hochhalter for their help.

The results were as follow:


1st.-  Guillermo Meza, Houston
2nd.- Alan Hurd, Georgetown
3rd.- Terry McMahan, Georgetown
4th.- Jim Houck, Austin
5th.- Randy Kendzior, Austin


1st.-  Chifan Chen, Round Rock
2nd.- Michael McGraw, Houston
3rd.-  Luis Meza, Houston
4th.- Tom Hickman, Spring
5th.- Robert Petrinec, Georgetown
6th.- Patrick Cole, Bryan

The only broken airplane was the Integral flown by Patrick Cole that had a flame-out and landed off the runway.

Thank you guys.
Rene Grebe

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