Painting a Wing - the light way

In this detailed presentation, Don Ramsey takes you from a balsa sheeted wing to a finely painted set of wing panels. The demonstration includes:
   - prepping the panels for cloth
   - adding fiberglass cloth
   - priming
   - adding base coats
   - taping and masking
   - transferring the design from one panel to the other
   - applying color
   - clear coating 
   - and buffing to a high gloss. 

This method adds minimum weight to the wing as well as the lasting quality of a fine paint finish. Only 3.7 ounces was added to a 450 square inch panel.

For all skill levels                          Run Time: 1 hour 2 minutes
$24.95 + 2.00 Shipping : Total $26.95
                                                           Shipping to USA only
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 Checks:    Don Ramsey
                655 Guilford Park
                Conroe, Tx  77302